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A common saying about a successful business is, "location, location, location!" Antigua has no shortage of beautiful locations, but a restaurant can’t survive on that alone.

A restaurant is only as good as the sum of its parts. The ambiance sets the tone with music, lighting and decor. The menus must entice with originality, consistency, fresh ingredients and elegant flavors. And nothing can be achieved without a good team. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work.


Our talented staff is skilled, dedicated and caring. The service is always personable and professional.


We are committed to making your experience at Colibri memorable, and we couldn’t do it without our fabulous team.


Searching for a change of pace after living in Paris and London, Didier arrived in Antigua in 2001 as Food & Beverage manager for Blue Waters hotel. He fell in love with the Island and made it his home. After opening HQ2 in Nelson's Dockyard with Nick & Eric, he ventured to create his own vision, The Gallery in English Harbour. It was an instant success and became the hotspot among locals and yachties for many years. After losing the lease unexpectedly, Didier moved on to run some of the top restaurants in Antigua: The Tides, Cloggy's, Catherine's Cafe, Boom and the Admiral's Inn. His wife Leah inspired him to finally realize his dream, and in 2018, they found the perfect location for what would become Colibri. The rest is history in the making...

Richard MEYNIEL ID pic.jpg


After earning his degree at the prestigious ESCF (Ecole Superieure de Cuisine Francaise), also known as “the Harvard of Gastronomy”, Richard began his career in Michelin star restaurants such as La Bonne Auberge, UK (1*) Pavillion Elysée Lenôtre, Paris (1*) L’Oasis, Cannes (2*). Fulfilling his passion for travel and developing his knowledge of different culinary cultures, he worked in the U.S., Belgium, Spain, French Polynesia, Australia and England, where he made his first stand as Head Chef at Momo’s in London in 2000. For 15 years, he ran his own French bistro in Morocco, “La Cantine de Charlotte”, which quickly became the top reference for French bistronomy. He joined the Colibri team in 2020, bringing his culinary expertise, passion for his craft and “joie de vivre”. We can easily say it’s a perfect match.



Working in hospitality for the past 20 years on the Island, Didier has befriended and worked with Antigua’s finest in the business, and some still work with him today at Colibri.

In the kitchen, Sheneka has been a solid sous-chef since our opening day. Her passion and dedication have allowed continuity between seasons and new chefs.


The floor team is the pride of Colibri. Berlinette, Michele, Abi, Shanic, Zoé, Cean and David are simply the best when it comes to customer service: professional yet fun, attentive yet discreet, and always with a warm smile. Come as guests, leave as friends.

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